Back in 2015 mobile searches overtook desktop for the first time and since then searches from mobile devices have continued to grow. Mobile site experiences have improved drastically over the years, with mobile site conversions increasing alongside this.

From 2015 to 2019 we have seen mobile conversion rates improving considerably, even for sites that weren’t effectively optimised for mobile. Whilst this does vary from industry to industry and can be impacted by the site speed, the bottom line is: if you do not have a mobile strategy you are missing out.

Many user journeys begin on a mobile device; this can be tracked via users who are signed into engines like Google as we can see where they start and finish their journeys. Mobile is an integral part of the modern-day marketing mix and like any other element of your marketing strategy is not something you target in isolation.

A key factor to always look at for mobile is site speed, not just on Wi-Fi but on 4G networks as well.

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