Google is reporting year on year growth for mobile, search on mobile overtook desktop for the first time in 2015 and continues to grow. We typically see mobile traffic contributing to around 20% of our clients’ PPC spend, but generating an additional 30-40% in overall site sales volume.


For many years, PPC has been focused around a sales orientated approach; if it’s not directly driving sales in a cost effective manner, then it needs to be changed or removed. However, mobile traffic shouldn’t be considered int his way. Most users start their research journey on their mobile device. This means that if you’re not there at the start of the research phase then you’re not added to the list of companies to buy from. Users find their products, the brands they like and information they want on mobile but are not likely to purchase at that point due to the technology available. The user then goes to work the next day (as most search is done in the evening) and buys using their computer at work. The sale is attributed to either direct or brand via a desktop.

It’s important to consider how mobile fits into your overall marketing strategy and create a great cross device experience for your customers. Google has been placing additional emphasis on having mobile-friendly sites and mobile search volumes are dramatically increasing. Cross device attribution and new methods to help us demonstrate the lost attribution due to device switching will only heighten mobile’s place in the market. Considering mobile activity as brand activity may help to attribute costs more appropriately.

We understand mobile and continually analyse and adapt campaigns accordingly. Our team is experienced in setting up campaigns on mobile to get the best ROI. For more information, please get in touch.




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