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Managing accounts across 6 continents, 35 countries and 16 languages, If you’re looking to expand into new territories Circus can help.

The number of international internet users is growing by around 5% each year. Last year, nearly 75% (2.1 billion) of all international internet users (2.8 billion) lived in the top 20 countries. The remaining 25% (0.7 billion) were distributed among the other 178 countries, each representing less than 1% of total users.

As the world of business becomes smaller, the growth potential of UK companies selling products over the internet has increased exponentially. We help these ambitious businesses by adapting paid advertising to suit a multitude of global markets through a range of services including translation, ad targeting and keyword analysis.

International targeting has many challenges, mostly in translation, we have in-house and external partners we can lean on for translation. Once translation has taken place, managing the account is the same as managing any other PPC account.

We often use symbology in the management of the account (especially with Arabic) to target and optimise the keywords, ads and account effectively. We have a strong history in foreign territories and our experts have a combined 20 years experience in multilingual and multi-territory paid advertising.

We have managed accounts in around 35 different countries and in 16 different languages. Just some of those countries include the USA and Canada, France, Italy and Germany, Israel, Iran, UAE and Australia. If you’re looking to expand into new territories, we can help. Use the form below to get in touch with us now for more information.

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