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Search Advertising that drives measurable results

On average we manage to increase sales on search campaigns by over 150% within the first 3 months.

Search advertising is the method most associated with PPC, or as some people call it paid search advertising.

Google Ads (previously known as Google AdWords), Google Shopping (with listings that appear on the search page) and Microsoft Advertising (also known as Bing Ads) are the most common Search advertising platforms.

So, what does it look like? Below are a couple of screenshot examples of some of the forms of these ads.

Quick Fact: Whilst the number of searches is growing by around 10% year on year, 15 – 30% of searches every year are brand new, never seen by the Google search engine.

Why Search?

Whilst a well-rounded strategy is always the recommended approach based on your goals, Google Ads is almost always the quickest way for you to see a faster return on your investment, so you can have more budget for other channels in the future.

You also have more control of where your ads are shown and if you want to have a strong push of your brand and appear in the top positions, you can do that much more easily on search.

Why Search Advertising with Circus?

At Circus we have a wealth of experience when it comes to all things paid and at the time of the inception of Circus Search advertising was pretty much the only thing with a few other things just starting out. Being a results driven agency, the case studies speak for themselves.

Some common misconceptions:

No one clicks an ad anymore: Most searchers do not actually know the difference between an ad or an organic listing hence we still see a high percentage of users clicking ads unknowingly

Search Ads do not work: Search ads targeting has changed a lot in previous years along with the rest of PPC and whilst the principles remain similar the strategies do need updating in line with the latest technology. We have described some of the issues in more detail here: http://circusppc.com/does-ppc-work/

I would get this traffic from Organic anyway: Whilst this can sometimes be true, it is unique to you and keeping an eye on incremental traffic and incremental sales or leads is always key to understanding what impact PPC is having on your overall performance.

Are Search ads right for your business?

For most business, the answer to this question will be yes. The degree to which you use it, the aspects you use and the budgets will vary but you will and should use it to some degree. As with a lot of what we do at Circus, we would take it case by case and look at which aspects of search advertising we would implement for you.

If you are already using search ads but not sure if you are getting the most out of your campaigns, let us do a free audit for you and you can have an independent opinion on how your campaigns are performing.

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