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Shopping PPC Campaigns that deliver ROI

A high user response combined with low CPC creates favourable performance on Shopping campaigns for retailers.

In the shopping campaigns we manage we have increased ROI to above 2,500% whilst also driving continual growth in the account.

Shopping has progressed a long way since its initial conception. According to one study it now accounts for up to 60% of traffic for the retail sector on Google, with Bing standing at around 30%. This is an ever-changing figure based on the time of the year however it shows the importance of the shopping landscape and how much potential traffic you could be missing out on.

What about conversion rates?

Conversions rates on shopping tend to almost always be higher when compared to search for like for like traffic; this is in part due to the expanded real estate shopping holds which includes an image, price and store name. Intent is also higher for the search terms on shopping.

The introduction of more Comparison Shopping Services (CSS) on Google has also further improved conversion rates. Our partner allows us to not only edit your feed (discussed later) but also take advantage of their network. This gives us a 20% discount on shopping; early adopters of CSS also received a rebate however Google has since ended this.

What is feed optimisation?

  • Have you got disapproved products in your feed?
  • Have you got products that just do not show in your feed?
  • Have you got incorrect information on your feed?
  • Are you taking advantage of promotion extensions with your feed?

Read the in depth blog by our partner on how to do this here: http://circusppc.com/guest-blog-product-feed-optimisation/

Once your feed is correct you need to ensure your account structure is also correct. What is the correct structure? It is slightly different every time and should be bespoke based on your goals.

With automation the way we structure accounts is also changing in a big way. The old strategies do not work well with automation anymore.

Shopping is an area which has led to fantastic results for our clients as part of the overall strategy.

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