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Display Advertising with high impact

Display advertising is one of the most powerful ways to grab the attention of your audience and increase brand awareness.

Our team of specialists have successfully managed display campaigns for a number of leading brands resulting in increased brand awareness, brand recognition and sales revenue.

Display is a type of PPC advertising where ads appear on third party websites next to content that’s relevant to your product or the interest to your target audience. Display networks use a completely different set of rules and therefore require different strategies. On display networks, we are trying to engage with users while they are doing something else, effectively, drag them away from what they are currently doing with a good advert. It’s more advertising that direct response.

One example would be for a user looking to buy a Vauxhall Insignia. On display, we target anyone looking on car buying sites that are looking at Insignia content. We want to entice them with “I see you’re looking to buy a Vauxhall Insignia – we have a great offer”.

The potential audience reach is huge and the range of targeting methods available enables the development of focused campaigns in which ads appear to a very specific, highly relevant audience. What works here are high impact ads and strong offers. Carefully crafted strategies broken down by product or audience are driving great results. Typically we see a 300% increase in impression volume, 20% increase in click volume and 25% increase in conversion volume when using our strategies.

Text ad performance usually yields 10% more conversion volume over image ads with 20% less cost. Image ad retail space is more limited and therefore more competitive. Image ads tend to be flashier and attention grabbing which creates a higher CTR and cost but lower conversion rate. Text ads tend to be a more considered click, increasing conversion rates and retail space is more extensive which reduces the competition and CPC. To talk through your options, please contact us below.

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