Working With Circus

How often will my accounts be checked?

We work extremely closely with our clients, and ensure that their accounts are monitored closely and regularly to best improve account performance and work towards specified goals and objectives. The amount of time we spend on your account will differ depending on your type of account and your goals. However, we ensure accounts are given to attention they need to best drive performance.

Will I be assigned an Account Manager?

Yes, you will be assigned one of our talented and knowledgeable PPC experts – who’ll take care of your account and ensure that it is best optimised for success. For times when your Account Manager is unavailable or out of office, you’ll be able to get in touch with our wider team for account support.

How often will I hear from you?

We make it a priority to ensure that we stay in close contact with our clients and work to provide them with the level of the communication they feel most comfortable with. Generally, we remain in contact with clients over email, and try to schedule weekly calls for a more thorough run-through of what’s going on in the account. We also provide weekly reporting that gives clients an insight into account performance, that is always accessible to them. On a quarterly basis, we arrange strategy meetings with clients to review account performance and discuss future goals for the account.

What services do you offer?

We’re a PPC-only agency – which means that we’re highly skilled in providing expert paid advertising services to clients looking to improve their PPC performance across a multitude of channels. There are many agencies out there that do operate on a full-service basis, providing a wider range of marketing services. However, there’s many advantages to working with a specialist agency, which you can read more about over on our blog page.

How does the management fee work?

Our management fees work on an individual basis that looks at how much you’re spending per month, and a management fee is calculated alongside this.

What is the length of the contract?

In order to best understand what does and doesn’t work within your account, contracts begin at 3 months. Following this initial period, we will arrange a strategy meeting to look over the account with you, and how we envision we can help meet your goals and objectives. From then on, the contract will be flexible depending on your needs, with a notice clause of 45 days upon deciding to cease working together.

Why do you only offer PPC services?

Would you hire a gardener to fix your washing machine? PPC is what we do well – extremely well – and we’ve put a lot time into learning and developing new team members to deliver outstanding PPC services. We love what we do, and we don’t try to do anything else. However, we work with some incredible trusted partners who can provide services outside of our expertise, and are more than happy to refer you to.