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Amazon is an integral part of your marketing mix.

We typically see a 500% higher ROI on Amazon than we do on Google ads however Amazon does have other fees we do need to consider.

Why has Amazon become such an integral part of your marketing mix?

The number of product searches on Amazon have been increasing, and are now stronger than that of Google.

Amazon also delivers a stronger ROI due to the nature of the searches.

“We typically see a 500% higher ROI on Amazon than we do on Google ads however Amazon does have other fees we do need to consider.”

What are Amazon Ads?

There are a few different types of Amazon adverts which more than likely you will have seen on Amazon but may not have noticed.

Sponsored Products

Available for vendors, professional sellers and book vendors. Products must be in at least one eligible category and have the buy box to advertise. Ads tend to appear on the first page of search results for sponsored products.

With it being a cost per click model, you can control the cost effectively. You can target people who are searching for products like yours.

Sponsored Brands

Available for vendors, book vendors, agencies and professional sellers who are enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry.

Sponsored brand ads also appear in search results to help discover your brand and reach customers looking for products similar to what you sell.

Again, the ads are cost per click so you can easily control spend and ensure an effective ROI.

You can have sponsored brands and sponsored products appearing at the same time as per the example below.

Sponsored Display

Sponsored display ads are still in beta. They are available for vendors. In order to advertise, your products must be in one or more eligible categories.

Sponsored display can use automation to optimise your campaigns. Your manually set bid will be automatically increased or decreased based on the likelihood of conversion. However, this doesn’t stop you from being able to change your bid or pause your campaign.

Like with the above example, sponsored display ads can appear alongside sponsored product ads.

Should I advertise using Amazon Ads?

Are you in retail? If you answered yes, the chances are very likely, however at Circus we take every client case by case as one rule doesn’t fit all.

It depends on:

  • Your goals
  • Your ROI targets
  • Your profit margins

We would have a discussion to outline the above with the client and together decide if Amazon is a profitable avenue for you.

We also have specific case studies which we can share upon request.

Do get in touch if advertising on Amazon piques your interest or better still you want it to be part of your marketing strategy.

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