For many internet users, social media forms the core of their online experience. 1.7 billion people have active social media accounts with 47% of all internet users on Facebook. Adding social media PPC into your overall PPC campaign can really boost your KPIs and improve your ROI.

Circus PPC places your ads on the most popular social networks – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. All of these networks have matured to where they now capture and represent a broad range of ages and demographics.

Facebook still dominates the social landscape with 4.5 billion ‘likes’ generated daily, yes billion! Twitter currently has 316 million monthly active users with LinkedIn at 97 million. To learn more about the 1 billion monthly YouTube users, visit our Video services page.

Choosing the right network is imperative. Usage varies dramatically depending on demographic, so it is important to understand these differences when targeting a specific audience. We take the time to identify your audience, find out where they are on social networks, and how they interact with it. For example, we’ve had great success with Facebook for B2C, whilst LinkedIn better suits B2B.

We run a number of campaigns simultaneously to enhance the quality of information and results, quickly establishing which campaigns are the most successful. We’re able to drive brand and product awareness, reaching the most relevant audiences and demographics through extremely targeted campaigns.

Social media advertising is effective but the opportunities and parameters move and change quickly. It is worth speaking to one of our experts to consider your options. Or perhaps social PPC is something you’ve considered in the past but have previously dismissed. We recommend this is something you look into again and consider assigning some of your PPC budget to. To speak to one of our experienced PPC specialists, please get in touch today.




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