This year our client campaigns driven via Shopping have on average seen a 350% increase in revenue, compared to the same period last year.

Shopping campaigns allow you to advertise specific products in the form of Product Listing Ads (PLA). They provide a powerful way to showcase your products across the Google Search Network and drive high quality traffic to your site. We combine our finesse, craft and intelligence with tried and tested techniques to deliver high revenue campaigns whilst also delivering a great ROI. PLAs can include a product image, title, price, promotional ad copy and your business name.

Our shopping campaigns experience high Click Through Rates (CTR) and impressive conversion rates. Retailers often experience drastic increases in revenue by utilising our highly detailed and strategic targeting criteria. Conversion rates are also typically higher due to the visual and product-specific nature of the ad.

We can increase the quality of your traffic by featuring product-specific calls to action in your ads. This increases the likelihood of shoppers making a purchase on your site after clicking on your ad. PLAs can appear on a search results page alongside a text ad from the same site. It is also possible to show up to five PLAs for one site at the same time, to maximise your brand exposure. This is the only way more than one ad can appear on Google for the same website.

A high user response combined with low CPC creates favourable performance conditions for advertisers. Retailers have responded by increasing their investment in the ad format and if the trend continues, retailers could be allocating as much as a third of their entire paid search budget towards PLAs.

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