Who are Trusted Dealers:

Trusted Dealers is the UK’s first website created by franchised dealers for franchised dealers. As part of the National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA), it provides a safe online portal for customers to find high-quality stock that’s reliable and trustworthy. It’s also a brand portal to advertise stock from member dealer groups. The primary goal of the site is to drive phone calls, and email leads to dealerships. Trusted Dealers is a national brand boasting ties with the NFDA, and backed by big named automotive brands such as JCT 600, Bristol Street, Lookers, Arnold Clarke and Perry’s.

The primary function of their AdWords account is to advertise cars, drive phone calls and sell cars.

What we wanted to achieve:

Our aim was to boost brand awareness in the Newcastle area by using video content, combined with the right PPC activity as to ensure the clips reached the right audience.

What we did:

We started by deciding to target users aged 45 to 65, who were watching car reviews on YouTube.

We created 3 different videos, one highlighting breakdown issues, one on car safety and one on outstanding finance:




Then, we tested both discovery and in-stream targeting for all 3 videos the videos.


We soon saw that discovery ads do not work very well. However, the instream ads performed very well, delivering 150k impressions per month of which 70k were watched all the way to the end.

We had a good response in terms of the view rate (the number of times the video was watched all the way to the end) which was at 44%.  Moreover, cost per view was very low, at only £0.01.

We used the search account to track brand impressions in the Newcastle area. As shown on the graph below, the number of searches for “Trusted Dealers” increased significantly:

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