Pebble Grey is a market-leading, high-end bathroom mirror retailer. Having successfully branched out into bathroom cabinets and accessories, they are soon expanding into towel radiators, all of which fit the modern designer feel as recently shown in April this year at Grand Designs, held in the NEC. Many of their mirrors come with pre-installed extras, such as de-mister pads, shaver sockets and motion sensor switches, and their LED mirrors use the latest technology and are extremely energy efficient.

“We’ve been working on our PPC with Circus for 6 months now. Since working together we have seen a dramatic increase in revenue and have maintained a solid ROI throughout. The team is a pleasure to work with and provides detailed and straightforward reports that are always on time. They are always looking to further improve the campaigns and identify new opportunities to expand our online presence.” Helena Linsky, Owner & MD, Pebble Grey


When Pebble Grey came to us in September 2014, they had experienced poor service and poor stats from a couple of other agencies. They had experienced good performance in the past, so knew that PPC worked, but the landscape had changed and they found themselves getting a smaller return.

Our task was clear – to grow their revenue whilst maintaining ROI. Something the existing agencies couldn’t achieve. There were certain challenges to be aware of. Firstly, we would be competing against very strong brand sales and the use of big generic keywords such as mirrors, bathroom cabinets etc. Also, Pebble’s mobile site wasn’t performing and it was proving difficult to generate sales revenue from Google shopping.

When we took over, the account was achieving around £6k in Revenue per week with a ROI of 2.5 times the spend. The account is now generating approximately £15k per week with the same ROI.

We started by first identifying the problems in the account. Once the technical issues were resolved, this immediately had an impact on ROI which went from 2.5 to 3.8. We then removed a lot of mobile traffic as it simply wasn’t converting, further increasing the ROI. We reduced reliance on big volume generic keywords such as cabinet mirrors and bathroom mirrors. Again, this helped the ROI.

Having established a higher ROI, it gave us room to push for more sales. Strategic keyword optimisation drove additional sale revenue and in the first month, we improved sales volume by 15% and ROI by 50%.

We then started to employ other techniques such as shopping segregation. In addition to this we rolled out the following:

  • Better ad copy using stronger messages
  • Use of RLSA to improve positions for potential customers
  • Modified Remarketing campaigns to target returning users more effectively
  • Stronger shopping strategies breaking out product type and revenue generators
  • Stronger sitelinks with sales messages and USPs
  • Implemented Call Out Extensions to highlighting even more USPs
  • Efficient Adscheduling strategies

Recently we’ve had the best performance to date, driving over £5k in revenue in a single day, and £15k in a week, all whilst maintaining a steady ROI. What’s really making the difference is Remarking Lists for Search Ads (RLSA), which are driving high converting customers back to the site. AdScheduling is also playing a very important role, showing ads in stronger positions on the days and at the times of day they are most likely to buy

“Circus are a highly knowledgeable company who are passionate about staying ahead of the curve and delivering top PPC campaigns.” Helena Linsky, Owner & MD, Pebble Grey

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