Who are Trusted Dealers:

Trusted Dealers is the UK’s first website created by franchised dealers for franchised dealers. As part of the National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA), it provides a safe online portal for customers to find high-quality stock that’s reliable and trustworthy. It’s also a brand portal to advertise stock from member dealer groups. The primary goal of the site is to drive phone calls, and email leads to dealerships. Trusted Dealers is a national brand boasting ties with the NFDA, and backed by big named automotive brands such as JCT 600, Bristol Street, Lookers, Arnold Clarke and Perry’s.

The primary function of their AdWords account is to drive phone calls to their dealers.

What we wanted to achieve:

We wanted to boost phone calls to the dealers. We’ve had the account for 6 years, but have never been able to top ~60 phone calls per day.

Historically, we have targeted model related terms on desktop and mobile in the account.

This has always generated a good number of calls from desktop (using their own onsite phone tracking software) and emails from mobile, but we were never able to drive a significant number of phone calls from a mobile device using this method (using AdWords call tracking and clients own call tracking).

We have had increased mobile aggression on this account before, but it did not return satisfactory results (as people who know where their local dealer is just tend to go visit).

Moreover, we could not use call extensions before, as the client has multiple dealers in the same locations (i.e. 3 ford dealerships in Leeds). Therefore, call extensions would not be suitable as we cannot favour one dealership over the other.

What we did:

We started a new account, and used manufacturer terms coupled with their location and call extensions to display the phone numbers on mobile devices for local searches.

Using keywords such as “Ford Leeds” and “Audi Leeds”, coupled with the right call extension on mobile devices, we selected dealerships that only had one manufacturer in one location so that we “could” show the phone number.

The ads started showing for the right searches on mobile devices and phone calls flooded in. 


We had a massive impact on the number of calls to dealers:

Call numbers increased from an average of 33 per day to a whopping 263 per day with some days topping 400 calls. This was and is incredible, as it means a 700% increase in phone calls.

One account uses phone call tracking only, meaning every single one of those calls is at least 50 seconds long. These accumulate on top of the existing 33 calls per day.

By reducing activity on desktop and tablet we are further improving the CPA. Desktop and tablet are currently set with a bid modifier of -75%.

It comes as no surprise that the client is massively impressed and satisfied. We continue to use this strategy, in combination with the razor focused used model terms it the seperate account.

We are now expanding the test to include call only ads in the third account. We have also applied a strict day parting schedule to improve the cost per acquisition (as phone calls are harder to generate on a weekend, especially on Sundays), which has fallen another 15% in May.

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