Super growth for Mama Natural

Organic and health-conscious retail store sees their monthly sales value double.

Mama Natural set up shop in 2014 with a clear vision to provide the best organic, natural and practical products. A specialist retail store, they offer a wide-range of health-conscious products for pregnancy, childbirth and post-birth.

Mama Natural were managing their PPC account internally but realised that by outsourcing the work, they could improve their ROI and have a dedicated expert making sure their account was always performing. It could also free up their team to focus on their in-house roles more effectively.

Circus took over the management of their PPC account in March 2016. At that point, the monthly sales were averaging around £10,000 at an ROI 3-4 times the spend.


What they wanted

Mama Natural hoped to lower the high CPA of their best-selling products whilst improving the ROI across the account as a whole.

Just ten weeks after taking over the account, it generated in the area of £20,000+ a month with an ROI over 6 times the spend.

1 Year After managing the account the ROI improved to 11 times the spend.

First, we evaluated the performance of every product currently live on the account – separating them by ROI and CPA. We then made adjustments, lowering and increasing bids where relevant and pausing the poorest performing keywords.

We included ad extensions across the account, such as site links, call extensions and callout extensions. This steadily increased the ROI from 3.7 to 5.1 in two weeks.


How we delivered

In order to push the account further, the account needed a full top-to-bottom restructure. We separated each campaign by brand, creating a separate ad group for each product in that brand.

We included shopping campaigns for each brand, which helped double the revenue in one month.

In the following weeks, we updated the account in a number of ways:

  • We wrote fresh ad copy across the account, with persuasive and relevant content
  • We included RLSA to improve positions for potential customers
  • We added remarketing campaigns to target returning customers
  • We updated the negative keyword lists to reduce the wasted spend
  • We added more advanced ad-scheduling, in order to target customers at the times most likely to produce sales for the lowest cost
  • We added geo-targeting, to increase the visibility of the ads in parts of the UK that produce more sales
  • When we were confident the Google account was performing well, we began advertising on Bing Ads


The Results

In February of this year, we had the best month in terms of ROI (11.3x) in the history of the account, performing even better than December and January (traditionally the best performing months for retail clients). We expect to continue the trend we have seen so far and exceed this.

With a strategic combination of the tools available and regular analysis, dramatic improvements in ROI can be achieved. Further explanation of these tools and our services can be found here, or alternatively, please get in touch if you have any questions.

ROI spend multiple achieved

The Project Team

Rick Tobin

Managing Director

Over 20 years dedicated PPC experience working with some of the world's biggest brands.

Ahmed Chopdat

Commercial Director

An expert in high volume, highly competitive markets with a keen eye for trends, motivated by client profitability and success.

William Cheng

Operations Director

Highly dedicated and experienced director working with large international brands, goal focused and data driven analyst.

Anna Wood

Head of Client Services

A logical thinker and committed to delivering quality results for clients, with experience working on global brands.

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