Who are Trusted Dealers:

Trusted Dealers is the UK’s first website created by franchised dealers for franchised dealers. As part of the National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA), it provides a safe online portal for customers to find high-quality stock that’s reliable and trustworthy. It’s also a brand portal to advertise stock from member dealer groups. The primary goal of the site is to drive phone calls, and email leads to dealerships. Trusted Dealers is a national brand boasting ties with the NFDA, and backed by big named automotive brands such as JCT 600, Bristol Street, Lookers, Arnold Clarke and Perry’s.

The primary function of their display account is to increase brand awareness and drive click traffic so that they can use their postcode lookup facility (the Trusted Dealers back end) to see where users are searching versus where they are buying.

What we wanted to achieve:

We knew Trusted Dealers had four primary goals: to boost overall traffic numbers, to drive more postcode lookups, to receive more email enquiries and to improve brand awareness. Therefore, we knew our aim was to reach those goals as efficiently as possible.

What we did:

We started off with creating three styles of campaigns:

  1. Campaigns to target users aged 34+ who are looking at car reviews online:

Campaign: Car Review Targeting on GDN

This campaign used keywords and age range targeting, along with key negatives and negative placements to ensure high quality of traffic

  1. Campaigns to target key car models.

When these models are mentioned across the web, we place a corresponding ad alongside the search:

  • Display – Cars – Models – Nissan – JUKE
  • Display – Cars – Models – Nissan – QASHQAI
  • Display – Cars – Models – Skoda – OCTAVIA
  • Display – Cars – Models – Volkswagen – GOLF

These campaigns used a mix of keyword targeting, negative placements and good ad copy to get the best results.

  1. Campaigns to target searches on the biggest manufacturers – essentially using Keyword Search as a function of display:
    • Volume – Mini Manufacturer
    • Volume – Peugeot Manufacturer
    • Volume – Vauxhall Manufacturer

These campaigns targeted the search network with generic keywords such as “Vauxhall”, “Peugeot” and “Buy a Mini” and presented ETA ads alongside competitor searches to raise brand awareness and drive click traffic.


We had a significant impact on the number of brand impressions, which increased by 155% in the last nine months:

We had a major impact on the email enquiries (which have risen by 140% in the last quarter as compared to the previous quarter last year):

We also had a significant impact on the click volume, and therefore on the resulting postcode matches:

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