Who are Freedom Finance:

Freedom Finance is one of the Norths largest personal finance solutions providers, offering customers a better way to shop for loans using their “Soft Search” technology. Wanting to increase the number of leads driven via paid media, they were looking for a new agency to take control, reach more customers and maximise revenues.

What we wanted to achieve:

Firstly, we needed to take control of the account and stop wasting money. We needed to ensure the campaigns were not driving traffic to keywords which were not converting. Once we got the account under control, we needed to improve performance, drive volume with a good CPA and then grow the account.

What we did:

We started with completely restructuring the account and segregating campaigns by loan type and loan amount. Then, we wrote new engaging ad copy and increased keyword density 1,000-fold. We included stricter negatives, as to filter out unnecessary matches.

Following that, we proceeded to implement ads scheduling and Geo bidding for better time and location performance. Understanding the power of mobile, we increased mobile traffic by increasing mobile bids. Furthermore, we optimised to CPA rather than just looking for click traffic, as to ensure the client paid for real results. We also introduced site links, call out extensions, structured snippets and call extensions to boost overall call numbers.


Between February and May 2017, loan applications increased by 262%, cost per customer decreased by 6%, and we grew the account spend by 200%.

The table below shows the comparison of the client’s results between February (when we started working with them) and May. The results we achieved are astonishing:

  • A 267% increase in clicks
  • A 262% increase in loan applications
  • A 305% increase in customers
  • A 6% decrease in CPA

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