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Those who work in the travel industry know how unique it is. Travel is considered one of the highly sensitive markets owing to its susceptibility to economic turmoil. No wonder it was one of the worst hit sectors during the recent recession. To understand how to influence your buyers in this sector it is important to understand the different types of travel. Below is a classification of travel based on intention and not medium.

Business – Standard business trips
Leisure – Holidays and personal trips
As per Google reports in 2013, leisure travellers are more likely to look online for travel inspiration and love to stay connected with friends and family while away. They are also 42% more likely to use their smartphone to get travel related information. Business travellers on the other hand like to focus on brand sites and prefer price and convenience.

The above data provides useful insights on how your business offering can influence your paid search strategy. If your business offers leisure travel then you are likely to get better results through advertising on search engines. However if you offer more business than leisure travel then you are likely to get better results on other travel websites using display advertising.

How does this affect keyword selection?

For leisure it’s therefore recommended to use non-branded keywords. At the same time, targeting branded keywords such as names of particular hotels or brands is likely to work better for business travel campaigns.

Rick Tobin
Managing Director

Over 20 years dedicated PPC experience working with some of the world's biggest brands.

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