Ifs – The New Ad Customizers

This summer, Google rolled out expanded text ads and the change to extra-long ads with double headlines generally resulted in an improved CTR and higher conversion rates across accounts. However, the move away from standard text ads also resulted in the loss of mobile-specific text ads, which were a useful tool in displaying custom messages to mobile customers. Now, thanks to the inclusion of a new Ad Customizer, AdWords users can once again include not only device-specific expanded ad copy – but also audience-specific ad copy.

How Does It Work?

Adding the “{=IF” syntax at the start of an ad copy description line will allow the choice of either a device-specific variable or an audience-specific variable. If device is chosen, text can be included to only show on either desktop, mobile or tablet devices. If audience is chosen, different ad copy can be displayed to custom user lists.

Scratching Head

Looking at the below example, the device ad customizer is set up to display the text “Quick, Easy Mobile Booking” if viewed from a mobile device. However, when viewed from a desktop or tablet device, the default text will instead read “Best Price Guaranteed”. The Audience ad customizer is also set up to increase the discount percentage from 25% to 30% for returning visitors or cart abandoners. Customers visiting the site for the first time will instead see the default value of 25%.


The new ‘If’ ad customizers will be rolling out across AdWords throughout the month and may already be available in your accounts. As of yet, this customizer is not supported in AdWords Editor, so any changes will have to be made through the AdWords site.

  • Keep aware of character limits in order to avoid disapproval: make sure that the values that replace the customizers keep your headline and description lines within the character limits.
  • Ads with customizers, like all other ads, must meet Google’s professional and editorial standards.
  • Remember to always keep an ad in each ad group that doesn’t use ad customizers to serve as a backup for the ads with customizers, should anything go wrong. AdWords will only run an ad with customizers if there are also ads that do not use ad customizers in the same ad group.


For further information, or for more help and tips please do get in touch.

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Commercial Director

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