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The Dangers Of Invalid Traffic

Anyone who buys paid traffic on Google Ads is always at the risk of invalid traffic. These fraudulent clicks have plagued the industry for decades and currently show no sign of slowing down.

If you’re running paid ads and think you’re safe, then think again!

Not only does this fraudulent invalid traffic cost advertisers billions of dollars per year, but it also skews marketing data making it tricky to decide on future marketing decisions.

With invalid traffic causing nothing but misery for advertisers, how can advertisers fight back and banish this growing plague? Especially when Google shows little signs of helping.

One solution is third-party click fraud protection software that works with Google’s platform to intercept and block these fraudulent clicks.

Here’s why protecting your ads with this type of software is so important.

Why Is Click Fraud Protection Software Important?

For those that don’t know, anyone who runs paid ads can be subject to a click fraud attack. This could be by a group of disgruntled customers, competitors, or even your own staff!

Recently, one of the largest and most successful football clubs in the world has been under attack from an army of click fraudsters.

Based on a protest over the club’s owners trying to join the European Super League, Manchester United fans have been targeting the club sponsor’s paid search ads. According to estimates, so far they have defrauded advertisers out of over £1 million with their repetitive clicks.

With such a coordinated attack, Google has a hard time distinguishing between real and fraudulent clicks. In this scenario, Google counts all clicks and legitimate and charges advertisers accordingly.

This means advertisers have lost millions from these fans and fraudsters that never had any intention of buying their products.

And it’s not just the club and sponsors that fell victim to the fraud. Many innocent businesses that have no association with Manchester United have also been affected. By bidding on the same keywords as the club’s sponsors, they are also feeling the wrath of the angry fans.

And the sad truth is even without a coordinated click fraud attack, this same scenario happens to thousands of businesses every single day.

Ensuring you have software that can detect the difference between legitimate and fraudulent clicks is key to getting the most out of your paid search budget.

Luckily software like PPC Protect does exactly this and helps optimize paid search campaigns to ensure you only get legitimate traffic.

Why PPC Protect?

PPC Protect is the industry leader in invalid traffic detection and helps thousands of businesses from small agencies to famous brands get the most out of their ad spend.

With its advanced AI learning system, PPC Protect can quickly and easily distinguish between legitimate and fraudulent clicks. Once a fraudulent click is detected, it ensures they can’t click the ad again in the future.

By monitoring thousands of Google Ads campaigns across a range of industries, PPC Protect is always on the lookout for the latest threats.

Featuring a quick and easy installation, PPC Protect is designed to be set up once and left to run. With no settings to constantly change or tweak, it means advertisers can spend more time managing their PPC campaigns.

Circus PPC & PPC Protect

Our partnership with Circus PPC has quickly evolved into a fruitful one for both parties. The team at Circus have been a dream to work with. They have been very proactive in promoting our solution to their clients and the results are starting to shine through already. With our solution improving the quality of traffic to their client’s ads, they can concentrate on doing what they do best. A fantastic combination!

Amar Chana – Partnerships Lead

Since working with PPC Protect, we have saved our clients thousands of pounds already which as expected is reinvested back into their marketing with a stronger ROI.

Ahmed Chopdat, Commercial Director, Circus PPC

Ahmed Chopdat
Commercial Director

An expert in high volume, highly competitive markets with a keen eye for trends, motivated by client profitability and success.

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