Making Your Ads “F.A.B.”

Back in the days when I worked in retail, one thing that stuck in my mind was “F.A.B.” And I’m not referencing Thunderbirds.

Whenever I create ad copy I think of “F.A.B.”:

•  Features
•  Advantages
•  Benefits

Think about each of your clients; what do/or should they say about themselves, what advantage is it to their customers, what benefit will they/or you gain?

Compare these two ads:

Men’s Clothing
Wide Range Of Men’s Clothing
Available To Buy Online

This just states fact; they sell Men’s clothing online.

Exclusive Men’s Clothing
Premium Menswear, Great Prices &
Fast & Free Delivery. Shop Today

The ad states the “F.A.B.” of their Men’s clothing:

•  Features – ‘Exclusive’ & ‘Premium’
•  Advantages – Pricing, quality & speed of delivery
•  Benefits – Customers know they are buying a quality product which will be with them shortly

It’s easy to just quickly come up with the ads, there are better returns in actually stepping back and really thinking about them, taking your time to incorporate all your features and benefits and ultimately increasing your Click Through & Conversion Rates.

It’s easy to say what you sell, but better to actually tell people what you sell.

What would make you more convinced to click an ad:

•  “Beef Steak”, or “Local, Farm-Reared Beef Steak”?

•  “Apartments In New York”, or “Luxury Apartments In New York”?

Keywords don’t sell your business to a customer, your ad copy does!

Just remember the “F.A.B.” rule.

•  Features
•  Advantages
•  Benefits

Ad copy should be informative and persuasive!

Ahmed Chopdat
Commercial Director

An expert in high volume, highly competitive markets with a keen eye for trends, motivated by client profitability and success.

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