Is your PPC Agency a PPC Agency?

There are two types of entrepreneurs:

One, who looks at the world, identifies gaps in the market and thinks of business ideas to fill them in. They start off with what they need to do, think about how to do it and might over years realise why they did it. Over time they expect to gather the required skillsets to conquer the market.

The other looks in ward and identifies the things they are good at and love to explore further. Then they move on to figuring out a strategy to get this out there with the desired results

Have you ever thought about why your PPC agency is a PPC agency? Consider these:

There are many PPC agencies that might have started off as SEO companies and realised that there was a lot of business potential in PPC and hired some PPC experts to exploit this potential.

There are some who might have realised there weren’t many PPC agencies in the market in their area and ended up making a successful business out of it

There might have been some who happen to know PPC more than anything else and decided to turn it into a business idea.

There are however a handful of companies in the market who do PPC for only one reason; they love it. These agencies are very passionate about PPC and would do it all day, every day. Being profitable becomes a reward for that passion

Why should you be bothered?

The reason why businesses do what they do tells us about their strategy, which ultimately impacts on their clients and other stakeholders. For some agencies, doing PPC for money and making an account work to continue billing the clients might be their end goal. However, agencies who love PPC will always try new and innovative methods to get the best ROI on your account.

Working with PPC loving agencies will minimise your chances of being miss-sold services you don’t need. Equally as important, your business won’t be miss-represented online.

Working with wholly dedicated PPC agencies who love their work is like working with a good friend; someone who understands you and suggests a good plan to fit around you.

Such agencies can use PPC to your advantage. For example:

Conducting market research for your business
Building your content marketing plan
Improving your SEO
Even defining your central business strategy
If you never been with a dedicated, expert PPC agency, you are truly missing out!!

Rick Tobin
Managing Director

Over 20 years dedicated PPC experience working with some of the world's biggest brands.

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