Circus Win A Deluxe Bing Ads Bonanza Box

We are proud to announce that CircusPPC has won a “Deluxe Bing Bonanza Box” in their most recent advertiser competition called “Bing Ads Bonanza”.

The competition, organised by Bing Ads was an opportunity to showcase our skills and talent with the Bing team, by creating new accounts, implementing technology and showing growth we achieved one of the highest scores and won the “Deluxe Bing Bonanza Box”.

We are immensely proud of our achievement and send out a big thanks to the Bing Ads team for giving us the opportunity to enter.

Here is the team unboxing our very summery prize, it’s a shame the sun has now gone:

bing ads competition

Whats this? some kind of futuristic speaker?

bing ads competition

A BBQ! very useful, lets hope we don’t burn down the house!

bing ads competition

The only problem with summer time prizes is that we may have to go outside to use them!

bing ads competition

Thanks Bing Ads team, now “Bing” on the next competition ;¬) !

Rick Tobin
Managing Director

Over 20 years dedicated PPC experience working with some of the world's biggest brands.

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