Are you using Remarketing campaigns as part of your PPC strategy? If not, why not?!

The role of a Remarketing campaign is to re-engage with users that have previously visited your website, tempt these highly targeted users back to the site, and give them the gentle push required to convert!

Most online businesses are now using some form of Remarketing. You may be already running some Remarketing activity, but are you getting the most from your campaigns?

We’ve summarised five different Remarketing techniques below for you to experiment with…

  • Display Remarketing allows you to target ads to users who have previously visited your website as they browse the internet and use mobile apps. When a user visits your website they will be added to a remarketing list. You can then combine the remarketing lists with other targeting methods such as demographics and interests to really zoom in on your ideal customer.
  • Dynamic Remarketing is a must for all online retail businesses. This form of Remarketing goes one step further – by displaying a specific advert featuring the product that the targeted user viewed on your site by using the product information pulled from your Google Shopping campaigns. We’ve seen some amazing results using this particular method of targeted Remarketing – give it a try!
  • Video Remarketing gives you the opportunity to target video ads to users who have already previously engaged with your YouTube channel or watched video content that you have posted. This is a great way of re-engaging with users who have already shown interest in your business whilst also creating additional trust in your brand,.
  • Reverse Path Remarketing is the practice of sharing Remarketing lists between AdWords and YouTube to target ads to all users across both platforms. This method enables you to show video ads to users who have visited your website and display ads to users who have watched your video content on YouTube.
  • Social Media followers are by definition, already displaying an interest in your business. Interact with these users by frequently posting interesting content to drive further engagement with your brand, website and YouTube channel. Once a user clicks on a link to your website or YouTube video, they will be automatically added to the Remarketing list which means that we can now target ads to these users.

Don’t just stop there!

Remarketing optimisation is an on-going process. Try experimenting with different ad formats, image, text and video, test different targeting options and bidding options and really pin-point your ideal customer, bring them back to your website and BOOST your conversion rates!

We hope this article has given you some inspiration for planning your next Remarketing campaign and we’d love to hear of your experiences using any of the above methods.

If you would like a helping hand with Remarketing or any other element of PPC advertising then please contact us for a free, no obligation PPC review and consultation with one of our PPC Experts…

Written by Simon Wells PPC Account Manager at Circus PPC Agency

Rick Tobin
Managing Director

Over 20 years dedicated PPC experience working with some of the world's biggest brands.

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