Cavan is a PPC Analyst at Circus PPC Agency. He looks after clients and manages PPC accounts in multiple sectors including banking, motoring and retail.

Cavan found his passion for marketing whilst working within the marketing department at one of the UK’s biggest breweries and complemented this by undertaking various digital marketing courses in his spare time.

“Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people” William Butler Yeats

Cavan chose to pursue the path of PPC due to its measurability and data driven nature, allowing him to optimise marketing performance based on analytical evidence.

As a Sociology graduate, Cavan is especially interested in spotting societal and seasonal trends. He uses this to be proactive and identify patterns that he can apply to his clients’ advantage.

Cavan is dedicated to improving accounts and his ability to think outside the box has led to impressive results, most notably he reduced the CPA of a UK online bank by 30% within the first month of taking over the account.

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