ROI-opening results 👀 for GWC during the pandemic

GWC saw tremendous success through ROI increases despite the COVID-19 pandemic!

GWC are a Bath-based B2C seller of hand-crafted wines, coming direct from independent and very individual winemakers right across the world. They have been in the industry for over 30 years, and their wines are sold throughout the UK – not only to a large consumer base, but also to the corporate and business gift sector.

The Great Wine Co. began working with Circus in 2015. They selected us based on our singular focus; being a specialist PPC agency with years of expertise. For more historical work we’ve done with the brand, read more here.


What they wanted

Keen to drive an increase in ROI, GWC worked with Circus PPC, whose expertise and unrivalled experience in PPC assisted them in reaching their business goals and objectives. Said goals included reaching a 5-6X ROI.


How we delivered

In order to best help our client to reach their goals and objectives, we started to look at targets combining brand and non-brand, so we were able to be more aggressive on campaigns. We also changed the bidding strategy for brand campaigns to ‘target impression share.’

During the testing phase, we managed to keep monthly ROIs either on or above target excluding a couple of anomalies that helped us to understand what worked best for the account.

Most recently, we’ve implemented Performance Max into the account, upgrading the existing standard shopping campaigns to be shown across all of Google’s platforms. We’re looking forward to seeing the results of this change and reporting back to our client on how this increases their account performance and drives results.


The Results

We saw outstanding uptake during the COVID-19 pandemic, exceeding a 16X ROI and over £300,000 in revenue in April 2020. This continued over the following few months, with revenue averaging £165,000 per month between Jun-Aug 2020, along with an average ROI of 13.7X.

Since then, with specific and widely experienced circumstances making a difference to account performance following economical and societal changes, we maintained an average 7.2X ROI throughout 2021, exceeding GWC’s 5-6X ROI goals.

Lately, due to the cost of living crisis impacting both CPCs and consumer spending, we’re averaging a 5.6X ROI so far this year, closely monitoring the account to make sure that we’re making strategic and inspired decisions within the account to best maintain, and in time, improve account performance.


The Project Team

Ramneet Panesar

PPC Executive

Ramneet joined Circus at the beginning of 2022, and brings with her an enthusiasm and love of all things marketing!

Chloe Tetmajeris

PPC Analyst

Having strong communication skills has allowed Chloe to understand issues faced during the pandemic induced lockdown and enabled her to work closely with clients in order to overcome them.

Rick Tobin

Managing Director

Over 15 years dedicated PPC experience working with some of the world's biggest brands.

William Cheng

Operations Director

Highly dedicated and experienced director working with large international brands, goal focused and data driven analyst.

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