Call Out Extensions

So, yesterday Google released a new feature called callout extensions:

The new extensions show additional text below your ad (slightly greyed out – not links nor clickable) allowing you to include additional text with your ads providing additional, detailed information about your business or products or services that you offer.

Pebble Grey Callout Extensions Example

We have started using them already for our clients – Firstly it makes your ad bigger, taking up more search retail space increasing your CTR. Secondly it gives the user more information as to why they should click your ad and visit your website increasing the quality of the traffic and conversion rates.

we certainly like the look of them and they will certainly be a part of circusmedia’s ad copy arsenal from now on.

here is the link to the full article:

Rick Tobin
Managing Director

Over 15 years dedicated PPC experience working with some of the world's biggest brands.

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